Welcome to isopi io site. I am a new media artist that focus on interactive art and 3d design. Besides creating art, I also continuely contribute to education methods as an educator in private educational orgnization. This is a place that i will keep update my thoughts and materials that may help students to learn interactive design in an effective way. Please DM me if you have any questions. Thanks!

Artist Statement

My works are about visualization in memory. I focus on the field of interactive visual mode in the relationship between the imagination in memory and the visualization from 2D and 3D, and keep exploring different ways in photography. I try to realize the pictures in different processes to touch the experience in remembrance. I adopt the 2D photography methods and 3D environment to develop the space which is logical in real 3D space but more closed to the imagination from memory. Interactive mode space is the ideal goal that I want to pursue. I attempt to use the diverse ways including the ancient physical approaches and the modern digital methods to acquire changed results to echo the images from viewers’ memory. Traditional photography methods are used to get the photos to simulate the images in recollection and to catch the random pictures to mimic the way that people record scenes. The Computer Graphics helps me simulate the spaces exist in people’s memory and I try to make it be in interactive mode to let viewers enjoy the spaces cannot exist in real 3D and experience the possibility of way in 2D and 3D. The scenes I usually build are from the daily life we touch every day. The game style is what I am attempting now to grasp the feeling taking participants to easily enter the spaces. In game mode, some of works are based on 2D and 3D environment. It is an extension of the space in memory.


Brief Résumé

Haixu Zhao

– New media artist


2014 – present: Instructor- Art Creativity Global

2014 – present: New Media Designer- Phils Design

2012 – 2013: Art and Tech Assistant- (Leviathan)

2011 – 2012: Teaching Assistant- (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

2006 – 2009: Freelance photographer- (CAFA, DOOSAN)


2010 – 2012: School of the Art Institute of Chicago – M.F.A. (2012)

2004 – 2008: Central Academy of Fine Arts – B.A. (2008)


2012 – Interactive Art Installation, Prak-sis Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012 – Game Night, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012 – LATARX-PO, ATS SAIC, Chicago, IL

2012 – MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL

2011 – ATS Showcase, ATS SAIC, Chicago, IL

2008 – CAFA Graduation Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing

2007 – CAFA Photography Department Show, CAFA Photography Studio, Beijing

2007 – 1st Week of Image, CAFA, Beijing